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Volume 5  Issue 4

5-4INCIDENT REPORT: Cruise ship influenza

RAILWAY SAFETY: Italy rail accident; Derailment sparks ethanol blast; Terror attacks on trains

ON EXERCISE: Northstar VII; USAR classification

MIDDLE EAST: Investing for stability; Testing wartime response; Report from Kuwait

FEATURES: Dealing with the dead; Psychological stabilisation; Fighting the floods; Breaking lab habits; Man versus machine

IN DEPTH: Looking backwards; CBRN tools of the trade; Changing face of wildfires

REGULAR SECTIONS: Books; Events; EU civil protection; From the unknown; Lessons learnt

PARTNERS: Managing planning; ERM for pandemic flu; Pandemic planning; Living up to the promise; Hydraulic tools in technical rescue; Community resilience; Decontamination developments; Finnish high-flyer

AUTHORS: Emily Hough; Arjun Katoch; Dennis Davis; Jonathon Hall; Guiseppe Romano; Craig Wilt; Lina Kolesnikova; Peter Crook; Francis J Skrobiszewski; Adi Moncaz; Erik de Soir and Koen Goffings; Greg Slater; Richard Fitzhugh; Jay Levinson; Andy Oppenheimer; Marc Castellnou i Ribau and Marta Miralles Bover; Scott Millington; Robert Jensen and Kelly Amoroso; Brendon Morris; Henry Makiwa; Mike Hall; Jyrki Koski


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